The 5 best digestive exercises

Digestive exercises

Digestion is essential for our body. A good digestion does not only help to eliminate excrements and toxins. In addition, the feeling of well-being is also increased. Those who suffer from indigestion feel uncomfortable, are stressed, everyday life becomes a problem. Especially constipation and diarrhoea can make life really difficult. There are numerous possibilities to support your own digestion.

Not only nutrition is an important pillar here, but also exercise is important. If you don’t move well enough, you will soon find that your digestion is also becoming more and more lazy and comfortable. Constipation can be the result when the intestinal flora slows down like you do. It is not necessary to go to the gym or to run a small marathon every day, because there are many small exercises that can be done at home without much work.

If you come home after work, you usually just want to lie down on the couch and do no more. Most of the time, we still have to do household work, cook food – where is there still time for the intestines? With simple and short exercises, the intestines and digestion can also be supported in your own four walls.

How do problems with digestion occur?

Only those who know how digestive problems arise can start at the right place. With more than 100 million nerves, the intestine is a very sensitive system that needs to be cared for. As soon as something bad is drunk or eaten, the intestine starts to react. Concerning inactivity, the intestine is one of the first organs to become immediately noticeable. For a healthy intestine, the pillars of nutrition, exercise and small amounts of alcohol are very important.

Exercises for at home

  • Ride a bike: If you ride your bike regularly, you will soon notice that the intestine is also coming back into gear. Of course, it would be best to ride a bicycle outdoors in the fresh air, but there is no reason not to do so in your own home. It is not necessary to pedal every day, two or three times a week is sufficient to get the intestines and digestion back on track. If you want to top it all off, you can also throw yourself into the water and swim a little.
  • A simple but effective exercise in gymnastics can work wonders in the intestine. All you have to do is lie on your back in bed. The hands are placed on the hip and the legs are stretched upwards. Now the movement in the air is carried out as if you were riding a bicycle. Already 10 minutes a day can stimulate and support the intestines and digestion.
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  • Those who don’t want to lie down, can do other exercises together. You could run in one spot or jump on one leg. In addition, there is also an exercise for the toes. These should be moved up and down again and again.
  • Rope skipping can also work wonders. The advantage of this exercise has already been proven at Berkley University. If you regularly jump and swing the jumping line, you can not only improve your digestion, but you can also defeat constipation with ease. With a skipping rope just jump in the apartment for 10 minutes and the world looks completely different.
  • Massages not only help to relax, they can also stimulate digestion. Several times a day, just stroke your stomach for a few minutes. However, the direction of the intestine should be taken into account. The stroking movements should therefore always be guided from right to left.

Healthy regular exercise helps the intestine

Those who regularly take care of the intestines with small exercises will not lose out. Be careful especially with sport in summer. It doesn’t always have to be the hours of training in the gym that can make a difference in the intestine. Often small exercises are sufficient to get the intestines and digestion back into shape. However, all these exercises are only really effective if the diet is a little bit adapted and balanced.