A healthier self through detox diet

Detox diet

A detox cure is primarily used to detoxify the body. Due to a wrong and one-sided diet and a general unhealthy lifestyle, toxins settle in the body’s detoxification organs. Actually, the body can help itself here quite well, but regular detoxification helps the body back into a healthy balance more quickly. With the help of the detox diet, the body is not only to be detoxified, but also a lasting awareness of a healthier lifestyle is to be created.

Mostly, a detox cure runs for a certain period of time. During this time the special detox diet is used. There are basically different options for detox diets. The goal is always to do something good for your body and soul. But it is also the goal to get a new attitude to nutrition and life. Detox detoxifies physically, mentally and spiritually..

Farewell unhealthy diet – welcome detox diet

Many people feed themselves one-sidedly and unhealthy, which burdens the body and the psyche in the long run. Detox diet means to renounce unhealthy habits and food. Either in a detox cure, or best to completely or at least partially remove it from the meal plan. Those who have undergone a cure will notice that it is good, and will automatically eat better and healthier food.

Unhealthy food and habits, this is usually about:

  • Coffee and caffeine
  • Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs
  • White flour
  • Sweets
  • Meat
  • Dairy products
  • Black and green tea

These foods have no place in a detox diet. During the course of the cure they do not appear on the table at all, and even after that the body will thank you if it is burdened as little as possible with these foods.

The following foods, on the other hand, are perfect for a healthy detox diet:

  • A lot of healthy fruits and vegetables
  • Especially good are green vegetables
  • Grain and wholemeal products
  • Nuts and legumes
  • Wheatgrass, barley grass and shoots

Those who adhere to a detox plan may, for example, add to their meal plan after one week. Poultry meat or small amounts of milk products are allowed in the detox nutrition. In moderation, you only put little strain on the body.

Many recipes for a healthy detox diet

A detox diet must be anything but boring and monotonous. Numerous books, magazines and also the internet offer many great recipes for a healthy detox diet. Whether during a cure or for a permanent change of eating habits, there is usually something suitable for every taste.

Everyone who knows healthy detox foods can of course become creative and create their own dishes. There are no limits to your imagination, the detox diet can also be individual. Detox is supposed to be healthy, detoxify and purify, but it should also be fun and delicious.

Detox diet – detoxification and purification with juices and soups

Those who are a little bit concerned with the topic of detox will quickly come across detox soups and juices. If you want to detoxify and purify your body, detox is definitely a good choice. The juices and soups can be consumed throughout the entire cure, either exclusively or supplemented with a modified diet.

Many people fast in order to detoxify. The problem, not infrequently, is that hunger and ravenous appetite are tormenting us. A detox diet with juices and soups provides the body with plenty of nutrients and fibre. The agonizing hunger is absent, and even the ravenous appetite has hardly a chance.

Usually, four juices are consumed throughout the day and a soup is eaten in the evening. Small snacks complete the program. The fibre help to purify the body, the nutrients rebuild the body. The body only gets healthy and can detoxify.

It is often reported that juices and soups taste good and complement and facilitate a detoxification cure.

Detox with dietary supplements

If you cannot or do not want to change your entire food plan, you can use dietary supplements that work in a similar way and provide the body with what it needs for a detoxification treatment.

There are some products on the market which, for example, are designed to work on the liver and, through certain substances, help the body to get the pollutants out of the body faster and more effectively, thus creating a better general condition, mental calm and balance.

Recently, we put the best-known product on the market, BodyFokus Clean Body Restart to the test.

A short summary

Those who permanently change their diet and regularly detoxify their bodies will quickly notice that they feel better, fitter and healthier in the long term. The detox diet can be easily integrated into everyday life with a little practice. A healthy diet can be so delicious.