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ArthroForce Revital by BodyFokus – Field report

ArthroForce Revital Pack
Everyone who has ever suffered from painful joints knows this unpleasant feeling when every movement hurts.

For an improvement, the existing inflammations must be healed, but also important nutrients must be supplied to prevent future joint pain.

Can ArthroKraft Revital from BodyFokus do that and what is actually contained in it?

We have carried out an intensive self-test of the product and have found astonishing, but also critical results. But more about this later…

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Especially elderly people, who have worked hard for many years and now have problems with their joints, should give their bodies some support.

After a long time as a child care teacher, our test person also suffers from joint pain and wants to spend her retirement years without pain and discomfort.

How can the joints be supported?

The joints are essential for the whole body, for health and well-being. Most of the time you don’t realise this until you have problems with it. If you pay attention to your joints at an early stage, you don’t have to suffer from joint problems or even osteoarthritis/arthrosis.

With increasing wear and tear of the joints, damaged cartilage and meniscus, the joint surfaces can no longer glide freely and begin to rub against each other. At these friction points, inflammations quickly develop, which the affected person perceives as pain.

The causes can be numerous, but often it is an incorrect or excessive load on the joints over a long period of time. If you have worked hard for a all your life, you may experience discomfort in the joints with increasing age. Only when you feel pain, you often really get to know and appreciate your body.

The joints most frequently affected by osteoarthritis are the knees, the hips, the hands and fingers.

In order for a joint to function properly, the joint surfaces must be able to glide freely. However, if the body is not supplied with the necessary nutrients in the long run, it cannot reproduce sufficient joint fluid and cartilage mass.

In order to effectively combat pain in the joints and osteoarthritis, it is necessary to treat both existing inflammations and to provide the necessary nutrients to regenerate the joint.

With different active ingredients, a supplement should stimulate regeneration, support the building up of the joint substance and be able to permanently eliminate pain.

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What products are available for joint pain and osteoarthritis?

Pain in the joints or even osteoarthritis are conditions one expects with increasing age. But you don’t just have to accept the daily, rather severe pain.

There is a wide range of products available that are designed to alleviate the symptoms, if not to make them disappear altogether.

It is amazing what possibilities are offered to stimulate the regeneration of the joints. That is why it is all the more important to find out a little more in advance about the advertised means in order to find exactly the right product for you.

  1. Orthomol arthroplus
  2. Diclo-ratiopharm pain gel bundle pack
  3. ArthroKraft Revital by BodyFokus

1. Orthomol arthroplus

The product Orthomol arthroplus is available in various online pharmacies. In the form of powder, these vitamins and nutrients are consumed. Vitamin C and vitamin D are just as important components as calcium and copper.

In order to maintain the skeletal structure, different nutrients are needed, others are used directly for the joints. In addition, Orthomol arthroplus also contains cartilage components that are ingested via this product.

The powder is dissolved in fruit juice or water and taken with a meal. In addition, you have to take omega-3 fatty acid capsules.

However, this product also contains various additives such as flavours, dyes, preservatives (antioxidants), sweeteners and sugars.

A monthly supply of Orthomol arthroplus is already available at online pharmacies starting from approx. 50€.

2. Diclo-ratiopharm pain gel bundle pack

Another product that is supposed to help with joint pain would be Diclo-ratiopharm pain gel in bundle packs. As you can already guess from the description, you get here 2 pain gels for as little as 15€. The price speaks for itself, but Diclo-ratiopharm painkiller is not an oral treatment.

No capsules, no powder – but a gel that is applied directly to the affected area and has a direct effect on the joints. The manufacturer advertises this product as a pain stopper and anti-inflammatory.

However, the difference with a gel is that the effect is purely external and the active substances in the body are missing. One could well imagine this pain gel as an additional product, but it is not necessarily the only application.

3. ArthroKraft Revital by BodyFokus

The third product is ArthroKraft Revital by the German manufacturer BodyFokus. It contains a variety of ingredients that are said to support joint and bone health.

Overview:ArthroForce Revital
FormCapsules and sticks
Content60 capsules, 30 sticks
Price- 1 box 69,90 Euro
- 3 boxes 182,70 Euro
- 6 boxes 323,40 Euro
Recommended dosage1x daily 1 stick and additionally 2x daily 1 capsule with 200ml water
Advantages- should help to alleviate inflammation and combat arthrosis
- 100% natural ingredients
- lactose-free
- gluten-free
DisadvantagesNo disadvantages known

The contents are divided into two different dosage forms and so a monthly package contains 30 sticks (with powder) and 60 capsules, which are taken daily, preferably after a meal, with 200ml of water.

The stick contains important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and manganese. The capsules are full of various extracts from plants to green-lipped mussels, which have been extensively investigated in various studies.

ArthroForce Revital Content
It is also very positive that only natural ingredientsare used in ArthroKraft Revital and preservatives, artificial colourings, genetically modified organisms, sugar additives or sweeteners are completely dispensed with. According to the manufacturer, the product is lactose- and gluten-free and therefore suitable for most allergy sufferers.

However, the natural ingredients in organic quality can also be seen in the price. Depending on the quantity, you pay between 54€ and 70€ for a month’s supply in the online shop of BodyFokus.

How does ArthroKraft Revital work?

Also with ArthroKraft Revital the question of efficacy arises. Does it only fill the pockets of BodyFokus and can a positive effect only be attributed to the placebo effect, or is there scientific evidence that ArthroKraft can help with joint pain?

The product itself is actually so recent that it has not yet been the subject of a medical study. Therefore, we have to refer here to scientific publications of the ingredients.

Contents of the capsule

Each capsule, taken twice a day, contains the active ingredients methylsulfonylmethane, green-lipped mussel powder and plant extracts from the devil’s claw and frankincense.

The green-lipped mussel in particular is well studied in terms of its effects on osteoarthritis1,2 and anti-inflammatory properties3. The results are not yet clear, but show promising findings.

There are also signs of anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing properties4,5,6 for boswellic acids as found in frankincense extract and the devil’s claw in the literature.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) has been shown in clinical studies to reduce pain symptoms in patients with knee osteoarthritis and to increase functional capacity7 and has also shown good results in combination with boswellic acid8 or glucosamine9.

Content of the stick

A stick that is consumed once a day contains important minerals such as calcium, magnesium and manganese for containing normal bones. But there are also other special active ingredients for osteoarthritis and joint pain.

According to a literature research10, collagen hydrolysate shows very good promises to be used in patients with arthrosis, especially in combination with other active substances such as MSM9.

Glucosamine sulphate is a standard compound in the treatment of osteoarthritis, but shows varying results in the literature. Even though glucosamine does not seem to improve the pain in knee osteoarthritis11, it appears to have an anti-inflammatory effect in osteoarthritis9, and in combination with the chondroitin sulphate, it is expected to reduce pain in patients with moderate to severe knee pain11.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict how ArthroKraft Revital itself will work as a combination of all these and other ingredients. However, scientific research into the individual active substances appears to be promising.

What ingredients does ArthroKraft Revital contain?

The ingredients with which ArthroKraft Revital wants to distinguish itself from the competition are particularly interesting. Admittedly, at the beginning it is difficult to understand what is hidden behind one or the other technical term.

With a little research, however, you can understand that the ingredients are 100% natural.

Active ingredient:mg per daily dose:
glucosamine sulphate1.500,000
chondroitin sulphate1.200,000
selenium yeast55,000
manganese sulphate monohydrate3,077
collagen hydrolysate2.500,000
ascorbic acid96,000
citric acid750,000
orange aroma120,000
hyaluronic acid50,000
tocopheryl acetate14,103
yellow colour, natural80,000
calcium citrate952,381
magnesium citrate1.250,000
technically required filling and auxiliary materials89,000
devil's claw, ground250,000
green-lipped mussel powder150,000
frankincense extract11,000

The ArthroKraft Revital Test

Our test person has been having complaints with their joints for a long time, especially the knees for a long time. As a qualified child care teacher, she often had to kneel on the floor, sit on small chairs or something of the like. All this put considerable stress on her joints in the long run.

She had tried different products before, but nothing would help. Therefore, she continued to be interested in effective products that promise pain relief.

The online platform of BodyFokus appealed to her because the website is cleanly designed and makes a legitimate impression. The exact list of ingredients and transparency were also rated positively.

The product ArthroKraft Revital seemed to be very well tailored to her problems and promised the desired support of joint and bone health on the website of BodyFokus.

We ordered a box for 69,90€, which contains one month’s supply of ArthroKraft Revital, i.e. a total of 30 sticks and 60 capsules. The daily dose consists of 2 capsules and a stick, which should be taken at two meals with about 200ml of water.

Our ArthroKraft Revital experience

ArthroForce Revital
According to the manufacturer’s instructions, ArthroKraft Revital was taken twice daily for 30 days.

In the first two to three days our test person could not feel any effect. However, this is an expected behaviour, because according to BodyFokus each body reacts differently to the active substances.

After only a few days the first improvement could be noticed – the pain was reduced. After two weeks, our subject stated that she felt fitter and strengthened and was able to sit back on the floor with the children at work.

ArthroForce Revital Dosage
She is even surprised by the rapid and promising effect, which she had not expected so soon.

The intake is just as easy to manage. She took the sticks and capsules after a meal with 200ml of water. The powder from the stick was simply mixed into the water and she says that it tasted very neutral.

During the test period no side effects occurred and the ingredients were generally well tolerated without any discernible digestive problems.

Our conclusion

ArthroForce Revital seal
We have tested ArthroKraft Revital with the help of a person who states that she has joint pain, especially in her knees, and is therefore restricted in her work. The product convinced of its quality and we can recommend it almost without reservation.

In general, ArthroKraft Revital makes a very good impression and was able to impress us with its high-quality ingredients and scientific publications on their effectiveness.

However, the product is not suitable for people with vegetarian or vegan lifestyles due to its ingredients gelatin and green-lipped mussel extract.

Our Experience
During the test month, the pain was reduced and the joints felt stronger. The review of our test person: “I can actually only say positive things about ArthroKraft Revital.

Our only criticism of ArthroKraft Revital is the price, which is relatively high and can only be reduced noticeably by buying 3 or 6 monthly packages. Products from other manufacturers with a smaller but comparable composition of ingredients cost roughly between €30 and €60 per month. However, these generally do not have the same quality of raw materials or an organic certificate and are usually produced outside of Europe.

Individual components such as green-lipped mussel powder can already be purchased for about 20€ (3 months supply).

Declaration & Information
All ingredients are precisely listed and explained on the packaging, the user manual and the websites of BodyFokus.

Delivery & Packaging
ArthroKraft Revital was shipped reasonably quickly with a delivery time of 3 working days and arrived in a sturdy package.

Buying ArthroKraft Revital

At the present time ArthroKraft Revital is not available at the pharmacy. However, if you look around on the Internet, you will quickly find the online shop of the manufacturer. There you can buy the product in three different price ranges, where the price is reduced if you choose a 3 or 6 month package.

ArthroForce Revital online order
ArthroForce Revital
Advantages of ordering in the online shop of BodyFokus:
- money-saving packages
- fast shipping
- easy and secure payment
- 365-day money-back guarantee

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Ordering is very easy. You select the desired product and you can choose the quantity you want to buy. The payment options offered are instant bank transfer, direct debit, PayPal and a credit card payment.

According to the online shop, the maximum delivery time is three working days.

Who is BodyFokus?

BodyFokus is a young German company specializing in dietary supplements. The company is not yet well known, but it makes a very legitimate impression and offers high quality products.

BodyFokus is certified in the organic field and guarantees high customer satisfaction. Field reports and customer opinions on the Internet are mostly positive.

Frequently asked questions about ArthroKraft Revital

What makes ArthroKraft Revital particularly valuable?
For us, it is the combination of the natural ingredients and the surprisingly good effect on our test person. It is also gluten and lactose-free.

Can ArthroKraft Revital trigger allergies?
According to the manufacturer, it contains no gluten, lactose, fructose or similar substances and is therefore suitable for most people. It is a purely natural food supplement for which the manufacturer states no side effects. If you have special allergies, please consult your doctor before taking this product.

How long is the shelf life of the product?
BodyFokus products are durable for 2 years.

How long can I take ArthroKraft Revital?
As ArthroKraft Revital consists of purely natural products, there is no danger to consume the product for a longer period of time, according to the manufacturer. However, a healthy and balanced diet is important. With the right nutrition, you can do more for your joints yourself.

Is the citric acid contained in it harmful to health?
The German Society for Nutrition (DGE) does not currently give a maximum dose and the contained citric acid of 750mg/day is considered harmless to health. A medium-sized lemon (80g) contains about 3.7g citric acid12. It has been proven that a high dose of citric acid can increase the risk of tooth damage. Therefore, it is advisable to drink the stick of ArthroKraft Revital dissolved in water with as little tooth contact as possible.

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